Published Works and Testimonials

The following are published books that I’ve edited and testimonials from other clients.

101 Mac Tips, by Gary Rosenzweig, is a handy guide to shortcuts on your Mac that even long-term users have been unaware of.

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The Way Out, by Susan Abraham, is a helpful guide to breaking into the short-term residential rental business, starting with your own home and expanding to multiple properties for a strong, steady income flow.

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I, the Fly, by Abel Abelson, is a fun story about an insect with delusions of power and influence, making the reader question how much their own actions truly do (or don’t) affect the world around them.

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Greg was very timely in his response time to my inquires. He asked very detailed questions to ensure he could do the best possible job based on my request. If I need any future writing/editing services, I would not hesitate to go back to Greg for  assistance.
  • Mike R., Syracuse, N.Y.

Greg was delightful to work with and very knowledgeable. His practical approach to language was key in making my creative writing project clear, concise and strong. Thank you, Greg!

  • Abel A., Belgium


I am a man of many words, but I am not eloquent enough to get them into text. Instead of apologizing to all of my previous English teachers, I found the Syracuse Pen. Greg not only helps to keep my grammar in check, but he can really fine tune my words to make me look good. meticulously witty with poised professionalism makes him my one stop shop for all of my editing needs. Thanks Greg for my “About Me” page a better reflection of who I am! ~

  • Brad M., Liverpool, N.Y.


Greg is simply the best! His attention to detail, understanding of the craft of writing, and specifically for me, his experience with middle school-aged students, made him a tremendous asset for our editing, proofreading, and rewriting tasks. I already have several more projects in mind for him.

  • Amber P., Hollywood, Calif.


Greg is great! His work was amazing and completed far quicker than I had said was necessary. It really goes to show a person’s work ethic and skill when they go above and beyond – Greg certainly does. 

  • Tom J., Norwich, United Kingdom


Greg has helped me on several papers and projects, and it is always a great experience. He always expands on your ideas and helps you to be the best writer you can be!

  • Sarah B., Clifton Springs, N.Y.

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