Résumés and cover letters

Most résumés are never read.

If they make it past the algorithms whose jobs are to filter out all but the most qualified, potential employers scan them in 6 seconds.

That’s how much time you have to grab their attention and convince them that your résumé is worth a full minute of their time. And if your résumé is granted that minute, every second must convince them you’re worth an interview.

The Syracuse Pen will write, revise, or update your résumé to get you the most out of those 6 seconds. We provide personalized service, including a telephone consultation or in-person meeting to make sure your résumé helps you reach your goal.

Our primary goals are:

  1. To elevate your résumé to the top of the pile using ATS-optimized formatting
  2. To emphasize the most marketable skills you have for the job you want
  3. To clear unnecessary information that distracts the reader from your message
  4. To use visual techniques to make the reader want to review the entire page
  5. To eliminate spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors
  6. To ensure consistency in style and fine details
  7. To make your application stand out against hundreds of other applicants
  8. To provide a cover letter that complements your résumé for maximum impact
  9. To get you that interview

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